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At the peak of the gold rush, the number of residents of the Gold Hill & Sierra Foothills areas exceeded the population of San Francisco. Some gold seekers found farming to be more lucrative than mining realizing that the combination of weather and soil yielded excellent crops.

None other than the first person to discover gold in the American River, James Marshall, grew grapes in the 1860s when there was already 3000 grape planted acres in El Dorado County, the largest producer of wine in California at the turn of the century.

The Coloma-Lotus Valley, and El Dorado County wineries are expanding each year and are known for producing delicious and affordable, award-winning wines. The decomposed granite and well-drained, gravelly soil provide a terroir that is unique to this specific area and very different when compared to Napa’s clay soil. It is perfect for growing Bordeaux varietals.

However, our unique micro-climate doesn’t get too hot or too cold, which is perfect for many different grapes including French and Italian varietals. This up-and-coming wine region offers an array of experiences, tastes, and bouquets for beginners to the wine world, or for the more experienced oenophile.

In the same way, the area produces different wines, a number of venues host an assortment of events including barrel tastings, food pairings, live music, concerts and dancing, and of course, weddings and special events.

California produces 90 percent of US wines and the US is the fourth-largest producer in the world. Dozens of El Dorado County wineries, most of them family-owned, produce award-winning vintages. These include a number in the Coloma-Lotus area. Whether you are just getting off the river or taking a Sunday drive, make sure and visit one of our local tasting rooms soon! They will make you feel right at home, with award-winning wine, excellent and friendly customer service and breathtaking views! Cheers!

Wine isn’t the only beverage locals in Coloma and Lotus are passionate about making. Discover unique craft beers inspired by the region’s history, flavors, and natural beauty, ranging from pilsners to hoppy IPAs to Belgian-style ales.

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