River Runners

Rafting the American River with River Runners will rekindle your love of the great outdoors…

If you are looking for an authentic, fun and high quality experience to share with family, friends and colleagues then whitewater rafting the American river with River Runners  is for you. River Runners is the real deal; down to earth and professional river guides, fresh healthy meals and white water river trips that seriously make other people wonder why our guests look so happy on the river.

River Runners is run by locals and staffed by locals, some even grew up rafting on the American Rivers, they all know and love the American Rivers intimately and can’t wait to share them with you. Everything about a rafting trip with River Runners hits the spot; the ease of being with fun and professional guides, the way we value the quality of your experience, the fun and exciting rapids and the way we help you enjoy the simple but satisfying pleasure of being out in nature.

As one of our fans said recently “At River Runners your guides create an experience in two days that most people can only get on a 14 day trip on the Grand Canyon”.

The American River is the best whitewater rafting near San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Bay Area and Sacramento.

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