Sierra Whitewater



The South Fork is our most popular rafting trip in California because it has lots of Class I to Class III+ rapids, a long rafting season and has a perfect safety record. The South Fork flows through California’s gold rush country and has a rich history as well as tons of fun rapids. Our guided tours will give you some history of the area, let you experience the rapids plus we’ll discover other fun stuff like rocks to jump off and we’ll even give you a chance to swim in the white water.
We are lucky to have scheduled dam releases on the South Fork every day that ensures ample water flow for rafting. The daily water release from Chili Bar Dam make it possible to raft the American River spring, summer, and fall! In the morning the dam release allows us to do the “Chili Bar” and in the afternoon we can do “The Gorge” run.  If you want a bigger adventure why not do the 21-mile full river experience with a break for lunch in the middle?

6400 CA-49, Lotus CA 95651 a.k.a. River’s Bend Resort

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