The River Store

The River Store, provides equipment and accessories for all genre of river users in a local, high quality retail format. But we are far more than just your average kayak shop. First and foremost our highly trained and informed staff are educators. We teach, support, advise and encourage river users of all types through our lessons, and our approach to helping folks understand more about the gear they use and how to choose what is best for their needs.  Safety is of primary concern to us and we strive to help each and every person be aware of the fun as well as the considerations they must have to be safe on and around the river. Summed up, we pride ourselves on our extraordinary level of customer service.

We are one of the few remaining whitewater and true kayak and rafting shops left in California. Since 1983 The River Store has been the hub of the West’s most active private and commercial boater scene. Based here on the South Fork of the American River, virtually all paddlers in the west pass through our small Coloma-Lotus Valley. Kayakers and rafters meet their friends and shuttle partners here as well as demo, rent and buy their whitewater gear here. Travelers from around the world make this their base of operations for exploring the region’s fantastic world class rivers and the lakes of the nearby Sierras.

We are a partner in our fantastic community, supporting and developing community based events and activities both small and large for nearly 35 years! Owner Dan Crandall and his close knit staff are all members of the local community and all share a passion for helping river users of all ages and skill levels exceed their potential.

Whether you’re a kayaker rafter, tuber, river boarder or simply have an interest in learning more about one or more of these river activities, the friendly staff at The River Store and our sister company Current Adventures Kayak School can help you out or get you started in the right direction.

We are “Specialists in Quality and Leaders in FUN!”

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