Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

It’s hard to believe that the town of Coloma was once the booming heart of one of the most significant events in California history. Here, in a stretch of the South Fork of the American River, James W. Marshall discovery gold  on January 24th 1848 in the tailrace of Sutter’s Mill. This accidental discovery of gold changed the course of California’s and the nation’s history by prompting the California Gold Rush of 1849. The historic town of Coloma and its historic buildings are now protected as part of Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.  The Gold Discovery Museum offers visitors a glimpse of the history of the area before and during the California Gold Rush. In addition visitors can pan for gold, take a walking tour around the park, visit the gold discovery site and a replica of Sutter’s Mill, and enjoy a picnic at one of several picnic areas. The park hosts several special events each year where costumed docents interpret the history of the gold rush and the many buildings within the park. Coloma Gold Rush Live, which happens during the second weekend in October, features a gold rush style tent town. During Historic Holiday Houses, happening the second weekend in December, visitors can tour the many historic houses throughout the park. Marshall Gold Discovery SHP is a great destination for local and out of town gold rush history enthusiasts.

Marshall Gold Discovery SHP
310 Back Street/PO Box 265
Coloma, CA 95613