Well Hello There 2017

Well Hello 2017.

Much of what is happening in the Coloma Lotus Valley happens around the river.

Whether you are a person who likes to hike, mountain bike, horseback riding along one of our many trails or if you are a boater floating down the beautiful South Fork of the American River. Today it looks a bit different out there. From the recent rains the river has come up to 40,000 csf overnight.

For the last 3-4 days residents along the river have been preparing for this event. The last time we saw water like this was back in 2007. And they did a banger of a job in prepping for it. I don’t think anyone was unaware of the water to come. The local community came together to help one another out. This is what small town living is all about. And the Coloma Lotus folks are all about community.

Whether you live here or are just visiting our community check out these great flood photos from Monday, January 9, 2017.

20170109_102833 20170109_091646 20170109_091159 image2