South Fork American Coloma River Shuttle has rolled into town!

Take the stress out of planning your South Fork American River trip with the Coloma River Shuttle! Whether whitewater rafting or kayaking, this is easy to use and beneficial for all river rats!  A Shuttle membership costs only $10/day with unlimited use.  There are also multi-day passes available for an even better price! Currently the Coloma River Shuttle is only operating one shuttle van and trailer, so make your reservations ahead of time.  Reservations with the number of riders and preferred pick up time can be made at: You can also visit the website for more detailed information:  Here is the shuttle schedule:

Weekend and Holidays Schedule
Shuttle 1 – Chili Bar Route
8:30 am ­ River Park Village pick-up
8:45 am ­ Henningsen-Lotus Park pick-up
9:30 am ­ Chili Bar drop-off

Shuttle 2 ­-Chili Bar Route
10:30 am ­ River Park Village Pick-up
10:45 am ­ Henningsen-Lotus Park pick-up
11:30 pm ­ Chili Bar drop-off

Shuttle 3 – Skunk Hollow/Gorge Route
4:30 pm ­ Skunk Hollow pick-up
5:15 pm ­ Greenwood Creek drop-off
5:30 pm ­ River Park Village drop-off
5:45 pm – Henningsen-Lotus Park drop-off

Shuttle 4 – Skunk Hollow/Gorge Route
6:00 pm ­ Skunk Hollow pick-up
6:45 pm ­ Greenwood Creek drop-off
7:00 pm ­ River Park Village drop-off
7:15 pm – Henningsen-Lotus Park drop-off

The Coloma River Shuttle is funded by a grant from the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District and operated by the non profit American River Recreation Association. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.  ALL ABOARD the Coloma River Shuttle!