April 20 – NEW DATE – 2009 Triple Crown 3 Forks American Whitewater Race

whitewater raft on the American RiverFor the second April in a row, commercial outfitters and individual kayakers will be racing all three forks of the American River, competing for the best on-water time of under twelve hours. Stephen Liles, race coordinator and president of W.E.T. River Trips, says this is an expansion of last year’s first race where his team navigated the usual commercial runs of the North, Middle, and South Forks in 11 hours. “This race is for fun,” he described, and a perpetual trophy will go to the raft team with the best time that’s measured on-river only — “No shuttle races!”

The date has been set for April 20, when the conditions should be right, especially with regard to North Fork flows.  Registration is April 19, at Holiday Market in Cool (Highways 49 & 193), at 6pm. Liles is hoping for 6-10 outfitters to participate in the race, at a $50 entry fee per boat, one boat per company, with a maximum of 7 paddlers per boat. Kayakers are invited to compete for $10, and there will be a short and a long boat category.

The race starts at 6am at Mineral Bar/ the Iowa Hill Bridge on the North Fork. Spectators may be able to see North Fork action at Yankee Jim’s Bridge / Shirttail Canyon, and the takeout at Ponderosa Way Bridge. Middle Fork viewing and cheering can happen at the Old Greenwood Bridge take-out. Folks can also go to the South Fork start at Camp Lotus and grand finish at Salmon Falls. Race footage will be available on You Tube (check out last year’s footage on You Tube).

There will be an after-party, location to be announced, open to everyone. Come join the excitement and bring in the whitewater boating season. For more information, see the 2009 Triple Crown 3 Forks American Whitewater Race Facebook page. Or contact Stephen Liles at liles.stephen@gmail.com or (916) 616-1357.