Scottish Falls on the South Fork?

We received a query from David T:

A friend told me about a place near Coloma called Scottish Falls. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the internet or any maps. Could you help me locate it if you have any idea if/where it is?

If you have any clues, please post a comment on this post, or contact us directly. Thanks!

Updated Nov 14:

Dutch Creek FallsI posted the question to the Coloma-Lotus News group and got several replies. No one has heard of Scottish Falls but several folks suggested maybe Dutch Creek Falls is what was meant. I found this photo of Dutch Creek Falls (right) at, where they evidently sell a book about Georgetown Hiking Trails.

Harry M:

Maybe they mean Dutch Creek falls….one European country sounds like all the others!

As I am sure you know, State Parks bought (most of) Mt. Murphy, and plans to improve the casual (rough) trail up to the falls. Given the state budget, that won’t be soon. If you haven’t seen the falls in the spring, you’ve missed one of Coloma’s premier secret pleasures.

Betty S:

Nope, no luck on this one. I even asked Steve, whose family has lived here since the 1920s.

There is Dutch Falls (a spectacular place during high water run off near Mt. Murphy and now part of the falls are state park property). Also Salmon Falls Road. Salmon Falls itself in now mostly underwater in Folsom Reservoir except when the water is low, like now.

Jim P:

I suspect she is referring to Dutch Falls which is up Dutch Creek. Dutch Creek enters the American right above Trouble Maker on river Right. People have gone there for years, but it is Private Property so it probably should not be published.

As Jim points out, much of Mt Murphy is still privately owned, so if you decide to visit, be sure you know how to get to Dutch Creek and the falls via the state land. Check with the American River Conservancy for more information about the parkland.

Thanks to everyone for your replies!