Oct 28-29th Flows and Options

SMUD has committed to do a best effort attempt which barring emergencies and anticipating cooperation with PGE will result in flows on Chili Bar for both days-probably from 9-12 in the 1500 range Sat and Sunday.ICE HOUSE will run both days again from 10-1 in the 500cfs range. Remember daylight savings on Sunday so go early. The water temp is really cold so dress accordingly. The more use the better so get out there and boat-it’s a really fun run.NF Feather will only have Sunday flows on the Rock Creek section, no Cresta release on Sat.This cooperation with SMUD in terms of coordinating recreational boating flows shows quite a bit of positive movement from how it has been done in the past. Hopefully the momentum will continue into a relicense that gets flows not only on Chili Bar throughout the year but on Slab and Ice House, two new runs.Enjoy-If you do go to Ice House, please post so we get an idea on how much use it is getting. Obviously, the more, the better