Hunting Season at Cronan Ranch

If you’re hiking, bicycling or horseback riding at Cronan Ranch, please be advised that this is deer season, and hunting is permitted. Wear bright-colored clothing and make lots of noise! Hunters are supposed to sign in at the gate, but we’ve been advised that no sign-in sheet is posted, so don’t assume there is no one there.

Per the BLM’s Cronan Ranch Draft Management Plan, hunting at Cronan Ranch “is restricted to deer during the general season, turkey in the fall season, quail, and mourning doves, during the seasons specified by the CA Department of Fish and Game. There will be no hunting for bear, squirrels, rabbits, jackrabbits, waterfowl, furbearers, or non-game species.”

A number of people have expressed concern about whether it is safe to allow hunting in an area where so many people are enjoying outdoor recreation. We understand that the new BLM field office manager, Bill Haigh, is considering changing the policy. If you would like to weigh in with your opinion, please send a letter to

William Haigh
Bureau of Land Management
Folsom Field Office
63 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630

(Note: corrected office manager name 10/20/06)

There is a downloadable copy of the Cronan Ranch Draft Management Plan on the Folsom Field Office web page.

3 thoughts on “Hunting Season at Cronan Ranch

  1. One reason there may be no sign up sheet or signs – is the fact that BLM’s draft management plan for Cronan Ranch is indeed still a “draft” and to date not “in action”. If this is the case we are still in the Interim Management phase where all forms of hunting are allowed with no requirements of signing in etc. If I get a chance I’ll call BLM to clarify – otherwise I encourage folks to make contact themselves.

  2. Just spoke to Jeff Horn at BLM Folsom & he confirmed we are still in the Interim Management phase thus all in season hunting is still allowed – there will be no restrictions implemented until the Draft Management Plan for Cronan Ranch is officially adopted – which Jeff indicated would be soon.

    Donna’s info is correct BLM is still rethinking the issue of hunting at Cronan so if this is something that concerns you I’d definately drop them a line & encourage others to do so too. Also there is a correction on the contact name – it is Bill (William) Haigh. I would also cc Jeff Horn as he is responsible for Cronan Ranch and helped author the draft management plan.

  3. Wow, the BLM’s hunting policy has been in effect for EIGHT YEARS with no issues that I am aware of. While it certainly is wise to wear bright clothing during hunting season, there is certainly no need for people wanting to use the land for other purposes not to do so – or to be overly concerned. Why is this working?

    Well, I think the weapon restrictions have a lot to do with it. Most hunters driving in from other areas are not going to want to hunt with a bow, shotgun or muzzle-loader. Most hunters are likely from El Dorado county – and likely to be responsible and careful.

    I will likely scout the area this year and may hunt it with a single shot smoothbore shotgun. For those who don’t know much about guns or hunting, this means that I will have to get within 50 yards of the deer before I can take that one shot. Add to that the requirement that the deer must be in a position where I have a good backstop to stop the slug if I miss, I probably will come up empty – but hunting is about much more than filling the freezer. One thing is for sure, I will not be putting anyone at risk.

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