Slab Creek releases over but there’s still Ice House

This year three weekends of scheduled releases on the Slab Creek Run provided excellent fun for boaters looking for a little more action than the South Fork has to offer.  With the Slab Creek Run closed for the 2016 season there are two scheduled releases for Ice House for the weekends of June 18th and 19th and June 25th and 26th.  Get in on the action and check out the Coloma Shuttle for more details and to reserve your seat!


The Slab Creek and Ice House runs are recommended for boaters with a strong class IV+ boating skills. When running these sections you should always boat with other class IV+ boaters. Remember safety first and boat within your skill set.


Fun Runs

Are you an outdoor Enthusiast?  The Coloma Valley has two fun runs this weekend May 14th and 15th for both the expert and the novice.  The first run is for the experts and puts you on the water.  Slab Creek, a class IV+ scheduled water release kayak run has the last of its three weekend scheduled releases for 2016 on Saturday and Sunday.  Please visit for your shuttle needs.

kayaker competing at American River Festival

The next fun run actually involves running and has something for both the novice and the expert.  Coloma River Races and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) have teamed up to offer a challenging and unique trail race experience. Check out this hidden gem as you explore adventurous terrain and breathtaking views, all in Sacramento’s backyard.

 Whether you’re looking to introduce your family to trail racing or an experienced trail runner seeking a challenge, this race offers distances for all levels of runners (and walkers). The Coloma River Run is a 5K, 10K and 10-mile race that starts in the Magnolia Ranch Trail Head parking lot across from Everhart Cellars/Hart 2 Hart Vineyards. All three races start at 8AM and head West for about a quarter of a mile. The 5K turns left and follows the Gerly Loop with glimpses of the South Fork before it wraps back around to the finish line. While the 10K and 10Mile races head up the connector trail after crossing two small creeks. After climbing the connector trail the race hits the down and up, both distances ascend the down and up trail with a 22% grade. These distances are mapped out on a beautiful but challenging course. After taking several trails with views of the river the runners wrap around Cronan Ranch and come back onto the connector trail to the finish line.

Come join us for a run!

Fantastic Storms

Toto, were not in Kansas anymore!  If you live in the Coloma Valley or visited this past week you were treated to several beautiful lightening shows.


Torrential rains, hail, thunder and lightening have graced the Coloma Valley over the past couple weeks bringing to life the saying that April Showers bring May flowers.  After many drought years the rain is a welcome visitor.  The South Fork American River, the lifeblood of the Coloma Valley and it’s commerce, is reaping the benefits of this gift of water.  Come and enjoy!

Double Rainbows

Multiple double rainbows graced the Coloma Valley over this past weekend.  Double rainbows are not only beautiful but also have significant meaning.

double rainbow

Photo Credit: GTUSD PTO fundraiser at Everhart Cellars/Hart 2 Hart Vineyards

A double rainbow is considered a symbol of transformation and is a sign of good fortune in eastern cultures. The first arc represents the material world, and the second arc signifies the spiritual realm. A double rainbow forms due to an optical illusion when sunlight enters a raindrop and creates two internal reflections before the rays exit the droplet.

According to, in a single rainbow, sunlight spreads into a spectrum of colors from red to violet. But in a double rainbow, the colors are inverted, with red appearing on the inside and violet on the outside. According to Chinese mythology, red represents the feet, and violet symbolizes the head. Therefore, a single rainbow signifies a human descending from heaven to earth. A double rainbow, due to its reversal of colors, represents the movement from earth to heaven and is considered to be a sign of future success. Rainbows are used symbolically in mythology, religion and the arts. It is said that the Irish leprechaun hid his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and in Genesis 9, a rainbow is part of Noah’s story in which God promises never to create another destructive global flood. Rainbow flags have been used to symbolize hope and social change and are a symbol of gay pride.

Despite differences in opinion as to what the double rainbow means, we can all say that is truly a remarkable experience to view such splendor.

Kick-Off to a Great 2016 Whitewater Season

An early Easter in 2016 marked an early kick-off to a great 2016 whitewater season.  Coloma Valley has a lot going on during the off-season with restaurants, wineries and fun Marshall Gold Discovery Historic State Park celebrations but the first weekend in April historically kicks off the whitewater season with a large gathering benefiting American Whitewater at California Canoe and Kayak in beautiful downtown Lotus.  This years event proved to be a success coupled with gorgeous weather!American Whitewater

Local residents begin to see a noticeable increase in traffic and on the streets and on the river this time of year.  With this increased traffic brings increased activities provided by local businesses for your enjoyment.  To keep up with all the wonderful activities for ages 1 to 100 follow this blog which posts weekly beginning in April through the beginning of October.  See you around town!

Rain, Rain, Rain….


This continuous week of rain is an unexpected present to those who like to be on the river, rain or shine.  Enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with friends and family and then head to river on Saturday for whitewater fun.  Forecasts are calling for rain all week and a nice weekend to follow.  Whether you are an adventure junkie or just love nature, the South Fork American river in the winter, as pictured above, is dramatic and beautiful.  A hike at the family friendly one mile loop Dave Moore Nature Area is lush and beautiful after rain with amazing mushrooms to observe around every corner.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

whitewater kayak rodeo - American River FestivalSeptember’s heat wave has us all heading straight to the river!  At least the rivers that have water, the South Fork American River has guaranteed flows Saturday and Sundays after Labor Day and Saturdays beginning in October.  Gather your river gear or call your favorite outfitter and get on the water. After you are off the river stop by your favorite eatery or winery for delicious food and drink.  There are several activities in and on the river in September.  Saturday September 12th and 13th join Friends of the River for the annual Gear Swap at Henningsen-Lotus Park.  Saturday September 19th partner with the American River Conservancy for the Great Sierra River Clean up.  September 19th and 20th enjoy the Annual  American River Music Festival.

Weekend Flows for Middle Fork in 2015

The Placer County Water Agency (PWCA) plans to release boatable flows from Oxbow Reservoir at least on Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. There will likely be some weekday releases as well, but further details won’t be available at least until May.

Between now and May 23 (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend), we are looking at maintenance flows only, which are currently 200 cfs.

Thanks to Nate Rangel, head of rafting outfitter Adventure Connection, for providing this information. It came from a meeting that PCWA held this week with Nate and two other outfitters, plus a representative from California State Parks.

Friends of the River Gear Swap

FOR gear swapGot extra gear? Need some gear? Ready for a change? Just want to socialize with a bunch of paddlers? Come to FOR’s annual gear swap! This year it’s September 6 & 7, 2014, at Henningsen-Lotus Park in Lotus, California. They already have an assortment of used kayaks, rafts, and boat frames with too many lifejackets and paddles to count and more!

Help keep the tradition alive by signing up to bring gear or volunteer. If you would like more information or want to get involved, please email the Gear Swap Coordinator, Greg “Big Bird” Gilmore at: You’ll find more information about the gear swap on the Friends of the River website.

Ride the Coloma Shuttle!

Most of you have probably already used this valuable resource rolling through town, but those of you who haven’t, you should get familiar with the Coloma Shuttle! Here are the route schedules:

2. Chili Bar @ 8:00


8:00 am – River Park Village pick-up
8:15 am – Henningsen-Lotus Park pick-up
8:25 am – Camp Lotus
8:35 am – MGDSP

9:00 am – Drop off at Chili Bar

3. Chili Bar @ 9:00am


9:00 am – River Park Village pick-up
9:15 am – Henningsen-Lotus Park pick-up
9:25 am – Marshall Gold Discovery Park
10:00 am – Chili Bar drop-off

4. Chili Bar @ 10:00


10:00 am – River Park Village pick-up
10:15 am – Henningsen-Lotus Park pick-up
10:25 am – MGDSP
11:00 am – Chili Bar drop-off

5. Gorge @ Noon (Skunk Hollow)


12:00 pm – Skunk Hollow pick-up
12:20 pm – Greenwood Creek drop-off or pick-up
12:30 pm – River Park Village & Henningsen-Lotus Park

10. Gorge @ 5:00pm (Skunk Hollow)


5:00 pm – Skunk Hollow pick-up
5:20 pm – Greenwood Creek drop-off or pick-up
5:30 pm – River Park Village & Henningsen-Lotus Park

11. Gorge @ 6:30pm (Skunk Hollow)


6:30 pm – Skunk Hollow pick-up
6:40 pm – Greenwood Creek drop-off or pick-up
7:00 pm – River Park Village & Henningsen-Lotus Park

Here is what is open as of 8/12/14 @ 2:40pm

Please remember on Mondays & Thursdays we need a minimum of 6 riders per run to operate the shuttle.  And for Fridays a minimum of 4 riders per run.

Thursday, August 14th
5:00 Gorge Run SOLD OUT
If you are looking for a different ride – we need a minimum of 6 riders per run – please contact the office at 530-303-2404
Friday, August 15th
No runs scheduled as of yet
If you are looking for a different ride – we need a minimum of 4 riders per run – please contact the office at 530-303-2404
Saturday, August 16th
10:00 CB 5 seats open
NOON Gorge 14  seats open
5:00 Gorge  14  seats open
Sunday, August 17th
8:00 CB 13  seats open
10:00 CB 14  seats open
NOON Gorge 8  seats open
5:00 Gorge  SOLD OUT
Monday, August 18th
No runs scheduled as of yet
If you are looking for a different ride – we need a minimum of 6 riders per run – please contact the office at 530-303-2404
Thursday, August 21st
No runs scheduled as of yet
If you are looking for a different ride – we need a minimum of 6 riders per run – please contact the office at 530-303-2404
Friday, August 22nd
No runs scheduled as of yet
If you are looking for a different ride – we need a minimum of 4 riders per run – please contact the office at 530-303-2404
Saturday, August 23rd
8:00 CB 7 seats open
10:00 CB 14 seats open
NOON Gorge 14  seats open
5:00 Gorge  14  seats open
Sunday, August 24th
8:00 CB 13  seats open
10:00 CB 14  seats open
NOON Gorge 14  seats open
5:00 Gorge  14 seats open
Check out the Coloma Shuttle website at:, call (530) 303-2404 or email Liz Carr at: